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consulting IT consulting

Vast experience and expertise in work on real-world problems is something that can help you to transform your ideas into usable solutions, with optimal results and complete control over budget. We can expand your ideas, point to possibilities that you never considered, and together with you plan a road map to the most efficient IT system. We can help you to determine your need for computer equipment, software, services, integration and development resources.

pm Software design

With regards to highest standards and by using modern methodologies we are able to build systems that fit your needs and budget. In project management we use both iterative and agile methods, depending on your needs. We use UML standards for a project and documentation which guarantee that your concrete problems will be fully transformed into information system, with total control over a development process.

pm Software development

Choice of cutting edge development technology, with carefully selected software developers, gives us ability to develop software solutions within the time frame, with strict quality control. Tools we use include Sun Java and Microsoft .Net technologies, supported with Oracle and Microsoft Sql Server databases. We use Groovy and similar agile tools for prototyping. Besides that, we implement industry standard solutions for security, communications, user interface design...

pm Design and maintenance of production systems

Regardless of complexity of your system, we can implement production environment in which your business processes can run reliably. No matter if it is simple server setup based on Windows or Linux platform, or complex real time systems which demand near to 100% uptime with fast response, we can suggest an appropriate solution. Special care is taken for system security, and our custom made tool monitors and helps in fixing problems in real time, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.